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Behind Gifts & Boxes

Thanks to developing this ability, it has given us one of the most precious things for us, TIME. Time with our children. Gift and boxes was born in a corner of our room in 2022. All due to long routine hours away from home and the concern of not sharing with our children.

As a small company our goal is to please and offer various sizes and designs in packaging for delivery and take away. Dedicating time and love to each product.

We make sure that our material does not cause pollution to the environment, it is biodegradable and is extracted from renewable sources and its process is accelerated with water and in humid places.

We provide quality products, our grammage (250 grams to 400 grams) is adapted to the weight of the item within the requested packaging. The packaging enhances the attractiveness of the product and ensures that its shipment arrives in excellent condition. Our cardboard boxes are essential today in almost any corner and to a large extent for pastry chefs, confectioners and even event decorator, also for that special gift.

Customer Reviews

The boxes arrived in perfect condition. They are exactly what I need. I’ll be ordering again to get boxes for Christmas treats for family and friends. Thanks
Quick and speedy shipping on item.
-Rita Thomas
Very fast shipping and awesome product
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